Media & The Election of the Century

So I read an article that looked into how social media plays a bigger role in presidential elections now more than ever. The presidential election that I was told to watch and discussed in grade school was Bush vs. Kerry in 2001. During that time, we didn’t have all the new technology and while the internet was around, newspapers and the Television played a vital role in campaigning and who would win that 2001 election. Fast forward to almost two decades later and political candidates are using multiple social media platforms to bring more awareness to their campaign. It would seem odd back then for candidates to turn to the social world to “attack” their opponent but in this day and age, it is common and a better tactic. I think social media is important when it comes to politics because nearly everyone has some sort of social networking site underneath their belt. Whether it’s YouTube, Myspace, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or a blog; politicians who want to appeal to millennials will need to learn to use these or be active.

In the craziest election of last week, I tuned in for about two hours and had both my TV and twitter available for my use. On Twitter & TV, results of the campaign and even tweets were being read aloud on some channels in favor of either Clinton or Trump. The results were flipping back and forth so it was hard to predict who would win at the time. What I liked about both candidates is that they knew how to appeal to different audiences. It was certainly fragmented audiences across different spectrums and not a day went by that you didn’t see Trump or Clinton not tweet or advocate their campaign. I think social media has evolved to not only entertainment but has helped platforms that many people are afraid to talk about in person to person contact reach the masses and get the point across whether if it was offensive or not.


Here is the link to the article in case you want to skim through and find more interesting things included:

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  1. I think it’s also really interesting how social media can be a detriment to the candidate based on temperament. While Trump ultimately won (despite fewer people voting for him), it is undeniable that his unrepentant, inflammatory social media presence is fuel for the backlash’s flame.

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