Fake news reporter may have swayed presidential campaign

This article is about a fake news writer who feels he is responsible for Donald Trump’s winning of the presidential election. He has fabricated such stories as the Amish lobby, gay wedding vans and the banning of the national anthem. In March Trump’s son and then campaign manager tweeted links to one of his fake news pieces. Paul Horner has been concocting fake news articles for several years now. Since there is a chance he may have influenced the presidential election and in conjunction with Facebook and Google considering taking class action lawsuits against fraudulent news sources, Horner has decided to come clean. He has laid all his cards on the table for the world to see. Several of his articles were picked up by Trump supporters and promoted. The trump people wouldn’t fact-check his writing. I’ve even heard some of his falsehoods reported in the mainstream news passed off as legitimate stories. For instance, he claimed people were paid to protest at Trump rallies. This is a fact that simply wasn’t true. Horner was baffled at the notion people wouldn’t investigate his stories before reposting them. Horner felt like he was messing with the Trump campaign by printing fraudulent pieces but it may have in fact given the party steam for their engine. He targeted Trump with fake news specifically because Horner hates him. He even crafted a lie about Trump wanting to put badges on Muslims in the airports and have them stand in their own separate lines. I vaguely remember this story being reported in the news. How would a fake story like this benefit Trump instead of hurting him? Perhaps by rallying his base behind some sort of anti-Muslim sentiment. Currently he is raking in a whopping $10,000 a month off his fake advertising via Google Adsense. He is making a decent living off promoting fake news sites but a crack-down is imminent. There resides guilt inside him for what he has done, but the price of $10,000 is a fickle beast to walk away from. Read the article here.

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  1. I have heard of the Onion and am aware they produce articles of fake news but it is KNOWN to be fake news, I find it pretty incredible that there are people out there actually citing fake news sources. The lack of fact checking makes me so sad.

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