A glimpse inside the historic Bell Labs

This article is about a glimpse into the historic Bell Labs. Recently purchased by Nokia, they were the true innovators of technology in the early 1900s. They began as Bell Labs in 1925 with American Telephone & Telegraph and Western Electric merging to capitalize on the market of technology. One of the more important discoveries Bell Labs was responsible for was a small transistor that acted as an electronic amplifier, which is what was later known as a silicon chip. These small chips are what power computers. The rest is history. Presently the company is working on establishing 5G technology for network access, which leaves the present 4G networks in the dust. They are also focusing on a compact solar radio station and something known as DeepX; which brings artificial intelligence to smart watches. They are also working on technology that establishes high-speed radio links for homes. These networks transfer at a rate significantly faster than Google Fiber. They are working on something known as Nuudle, “augmented thinking” software, a data-seeking tool with unlimited possibilities. The future in technology innovation looks bright for Bell Labs and their acquisition by Nokia has only strengthened their reach. To read the article go here and learn about the company and its future projects.

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