Women in Mass Communication

I know that I have talked previously about being in a “man’s world” in the business program here at Texas State and then coming into the Mass Communication program. It is a bit of a shell shock but it also brings up a good point of why aren’t girls more educated in the coding industry and why aren’t women being treated equally in the workforce.  It just seems like no matter what women do sometimes we will never be treated as equals to men or be seen in the eyes of others to be able to do all that men do.  I think it’s great that more women are getting educated about coding because it gives us another skill to put us above our competition not only against other women but against the main competition of men.

One cool thing that has occurred over the past two years I believe is that the super model Karlie Kloss has become a HUGE advocate for girls wanting to learn how to code and encouraging young girls to get the knowledge to learn how to code! She teamed up and started providing scholarships to get the ball rolling of young girls learning to code at a young age and not be discouraged that this is only for “boys.”  Women who are in power and who are role models such as Karlie Kloss and Sheryl Sandberg give the opportunity of young girls to realize what they can become and achieve!  Another great example is the entrepreneur Kendra Scott…yes she might just be a jewelry designer but she has started a jewelry empire and is booming all across the nation and even internationally.  Women are on the rise but when we will be seen equal to men is a different story.

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