Were the Predictions Correct?

For my last and final blog I decided to look up an article from the beginning of the year (2016) to see what predictions would be made for the year to come and see how right or wrong they were…

One of the major ones that I feel is completely correct is number 2 where they said that marketers will have to think mobile first.  It’s crazy how this year mobile media has just boomed even more than usual. It gets me thinking that 2017 could even further that idea and possibly have us completely transition over to mobile media which is just crazy.  As a student who wants to get into the advertising industry it is a bit on the scary side because if companies have access to mobile media in this current day it almost eliminates most of what they do for each brand or company.  Companies could just have in house advertising and completely get rid of the third party which would be economical for them because you get rid of that cost. 2016 was definitely a crazy year for politics, media, digital media and advertising.  I am definitely up for what predictions are to come for 2017 because I feel like there are endless possibilities for what we end up in December 2017…????


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