Twitter Interaction

Throughout the semester I was reaching out to different sports personalities in effort to get a response. I wasn’t asking about their experiences in mass media, but rather commenting on the talks they were having. Bomani Jones, is an ESPN radio personality who is very involved with his Twitter account even during his show. I like the dynamic this brings because it makes the listener feel apart of the show. I topic about whether or not basketball player Dwight Howard was a hall of fame player came about and I tweeted at him with my response. He then got back to me with a short, but responsive tweet allowing for me to reflect on the conversation a little bit more. The new level of interaction Twitter brings to entertainment of all types adds to the experience because not only can you have mini conversations with TV or radio personalities, but also with their followers who can add some insight to topics you’re interested in.

Today, I just received a reply from a journalist, RJ Marquez, who works for KSAT 12, a news station in San Antonio. He works in the field that I hope to one day transition to. I asked what his advice would for someone who is in his last couple of semesters of grad school and looking to begin a career in journalism. He told me to be willing to start in a small market in order to get my foot in the door. He said small markets will allow to better learn the craft and try different things in the newsroom and gave me the advice to learn how to use equipment and software that fit today’s world. He too is just beginning his career in the field, so I will take the advice he gives seriously and continue reaching out to others.

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