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So this assignment was a little more difficult than I thought it would be because I tweeted at a lot of people and only two people actually tweeted me back answering my questions. And even with that the answers weren’t very compelling so it was a bit of a whomp whomp moment.  Although the replies weren’t that AMAZING I will still shocked on the status of the people and accounts that actually tweeted me back.

I wanted to tweet at people who have a higher status in the advertising world who might be able to answer some questions that I have because that is the industry I pray and hope to be apart of in the future.  As some of you may know I am struggling a bit to get my foot in the door so I thought that maybe some of these experts could answer some questions that I had off the top of my head!

The first tweet I got a reply back from was from a man named Tim Nudd who is the creative editor at Adweek and AdFreak.  He was actually the first one to tweet me back quite quickly after I tweeted him.  I first tweeted at him asking “how did you get your foot in the door with the advertising industry?” and he replied back saying “fairly randomly got a job at Adweek!”  Not necessarily the reply I was wanting per say because I feel like you have to have some sort of background to get a job at Adweek. I mean come on… it’s Adweek! A bunch of people use this site to look up the latest advertising campaigns.

My second twitter account that I got a reply back from was from McGarrah Jessee which is a well known advertising agency in Austin Texas.  I believe they are one of the top 5 advertising agencies here in Austin and of course I always apply for positions that they post and wanted to see if I could get a comment back from them on “how do y’all stay updated on what’s the next new wave of advertising?”  And of course again the reply back wasn’t that amazing but hey at least I got a response back…right?  The answer to my tweet was ” we have 150 employees who are exploring that every day.”  So I guess everyone in the company basically works on keeping up with what is up and coming for the new digital media that keeps coming out and keeping us sidetracked with its innovative ideas.

I thought this assignment was interesting and fun because I have never had an assignment like this before and shows me how we can use social media in different aspects such as us using this for a more educational moment and not for us to just put our thoughts and opinions out there.  I definitely think that I will use this tool more in the future for if I ever need to get in touch with someone because you never know who might tweet you back!

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