Twitter Assignment (Interviews)

For my Twitter assignment, I reached out to people who are web designers (mainly freelancers) because I’ve always been interested in this area. I searched freelance web designers on Google and found the contact list from their personal websites. I contacted about 25 people through email and received 4 replies within less than two hours I’ve sent the messages. Overall, reaching out to people whom I’m interested in knowing about their job was a fun experience.

Chris Lam, PhD. ( is an Assistant Professor of technical communication at the University of North Texas who teaches web design/development. He is also a freelance web designer/developer who works with small businesses to create websites for products and services. After spending his entire academic career heavily on digital media, he has recently started to freelance as he has always been an early adopter of technology. He thinks that his personality fits well for digital work. Chris advises students that they should be flexible, self-motivated, and willing to change the way they do things because digital media requires us to learn all kinds of technology that change constantly. He says that it is essential to know how all of the technologies work together and what their limitations are.

Katy Farr ( who is a freelance web designer, works with a wide variety of clients from small business people to a university in China. Her degree was in psychology but after her children were born, she looked for less emotionally taxing work with creativity and more freedom with more control over her schedule. She advises students that they should keep learning all the time, never stop, be sure and have a good business plan, be very clear with clients about what you will provide and what their obligations are.

Chris Bibbs (, a University of Houston graduate, is a graphic designer and a web designer/developer who specializes in WordPress. Has been self-employed as full-time freelancer since 2011, and is now based out of Houston. His client base stretches across Texas, as well as California, Arizona, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, New York, and New Jersey. He is on CodeAcademy, W3C Schools, and various sites learning new development and coding strategies. He says that he is learning something new everyday and advised students that design is not simply about making things look good and pretty, but is a problem solving. He said that having good problem solving skills is a way to succeed as a digital media designer.

Michael Froseth ( who is a freelance web designer & developer advised communication students that digital media is an ever-growing industry so there are always new tools, tricks, updates and lessons almost every day. He stressed that it is always important to learn new things so you need to always stay on top, read books, network and find a way to enjoy what you do.  

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