Twitter Assignment

In my Twitter experience I was able to interactive with three really interesting people and a few organizations.

The first person I interacted with and got a response from was popular San Antonio based radio show host Joe Paggs


Although his response was a negative one, I still feel it was a motivator to prove people wrong. I had inquired about working in radio and his advice. He explained, ¬†“Don’t do it.” (Hang Up)

Through that same interaction other followers were listening

Nathan Cone from Texas Public Radio and the organization NPR, Both of them were really helpful in giving resources and advice on working in radio,.  Cone even invited me to an event that he would be attending to talk in person.


Another person that I interacted with is Yusuf Chowdhury, a local social media marketer. He was also very helpful in explaining some social media plans for business and offered to explain more via facebook live. He also created a video explaining the answer to my questions and posted it on his site.


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