The Vexed Case of Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg is a figure I very much like for the work she does even as I am absolutely alarmed by the theoretical framework in which this work takes place. In the reading and the video which we were assigned, we can see the excellent work she does for women. She is a real advocate who makes room for women and encourages their participation so they can rise to the top of their respective fields. I also very much so appreciate her vision of men as being too cornered into portraying success and not being made to feel comfortable in domestic settings.

She is also the definition of a post-feminist.


In the article about Tristan Walker we saw the denouncement that to participate in systems like relying on elite, Ivy League institutions for job hires is to participate in racism because PoC are so systematically pushed out of those pools. The same is true when it comes to sexism. Discouraging the solidarity-inducing conversations about discrimination in the work place and declining to call people out for their bias, even when it is implicit, is, I think, very irresponsible. Just like libertarian thought, it is a seductive fantasy dressed as a legitimate philosophy. A set of fanciful ideas that seeks legitimacy by taking a tiny sliver of stories of successful members of oppressed populations, shouting them from the mountaintops, blaming oppressed people for their own lack of success, and, finally, pretending that all of history can be neglected and that we have not inherited the sins of our predecessors.

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