The Debate – Political Participation, Social Media and Interactivity – Presentation

Im sure most of you tuned in for the big debate last night ….or maybe streamed it online. Last nights debate was the most tweeted debate in history.

Q1: Did any of you tweet in?

Last week in class we talked about how people are more “vocal” about politics online than face to face due to the barriers of the screen.

Q2:Does the screen barrier allow you to be more “vocal”? Do you post comments online that you would or would not say face to face?

Here are some of the best Tweets of the debate in case you missed it….

Presenting the Best Tweets of the First Presidential Debate


And of course the Snapchat filters……the millennials and gen Z dominate snapchat…how are they using the platform in relation to the election and political participation? It looks like it is mostly just for silliness so one would think they are not taking the election seriously but, that does not seem to be the case…take a look at the infographic below…

Snapchat Filters Used on Trump and Clinton During Debate

Trump developed a snap chat filter for the debate…

Q3: Do you feel like this hurts or helps his campaign with the younger generations who use snap chat?

Q4: How do you feel that social media (especially FB and Twitter) has changed politics and voting? Do you feel that is is for the better or detrimental to the process?

Think about how the election process has evolved over the years from print to television and now social media….it is interesting to think about what is next…

Clinton mass selfie, here

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