The Browser Dilemma

iebadNot going to lie…I cringe each time I see someone open the Internet Explorer or Edge browser. Perhaps this is due to me being a loyal Mac user for years, or maybe disappointing interface IE offered for so many years compared to the competition. Whatever the reason may be, the fact is that even Microsoft is aware of their shoddy craftsmanship and was willing to admit their downfalls within this 2012 advertisement. I was most definitely the guy depicted in this advertisement, posting on forums how much IE is a disgrace to the world wide web. However, in all honesty, I respected their browser more than ever after watching this…though I still do not call myself a user, or supporter for that matter, of their product.

Throughout the readings this week, I wondered what provokes us as internet users to choose a browser, and how loyal are we to our preferred choice? When you sit down at another computer, are you comfortable navigating through the available browser? I never really considered the various selections of browsers available within the internet marketplace to be conducive of “browser wars.” But now that I have witnessed the amount of work and dedication it takes to earn and maintain a loyal user, I may think twice about which I intend to support in the future. Above all, the browser wars have evolved this user into an educated selector of browsers- a task that I no longer take lightly. The pressure is on! As everything, browsers are politicized and our support directly influences their successes. So which do you support? Does a free, non-corporate browser built by volunteers win your support over another? Would you be willing to pay for a browser of your choice?

I must say, I am amazed that we have not already begun paying for the services browsers offer us. Knock-on-wood… As for now, I am quite satisfied with Chrome and have no complaints, but Firefox is more appealing to me than ever. I have never felt so conflicted when opening my MacBook and clicking on the browser icon!! Thanks, Digital Media Issues. My awareness of these goings-on have made me a more unsure member of the digital age than ever before.

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