Television as a teaching tool

McLuhan viewed television as a filter as well as a teaching device. I believe that each of these still hold true today. I interpret  “teaching device” as more of an information delivery system, if we choose to utilize it. Watch the news and we can learn about what is happening in the world (or simply our neighborhood). However not ALL information is available on TV. As we all know some news providers are partial to one party or the other, but there is also some information that never makes it to the “newsworthy” stage of the information delivery process. News stations act as a filter when they decide not to publish all stories.  The internet is slightly different because the public can have more input. Anyone can start a blog or a YouTube channel or post on Facebook. The internet may be thought of as more of an information tool because it has less filters applies and more options for adding information, perhaps the internet is more on the path of what McLuhan had predicted. I believe if McLuhan had lived through the 90’s he likely would have altered his theories on television and catered them more towards the internet.

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