Technology in This World

This world changes within every second by someone creating a new phone to a company creating a new software. But all of these items thrive on technology. Yet, in my opinion technology is a good and bad thing. The good thing is that we can get basically anything we ever wanted online. We can also get our information online which is a good way to find out information in a convenient way. However, the thought that someone could be watching you on the other end or the part where people can hack and steal your identity, is where it gets complicated. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think that someone could be watching me or even watch me while I type this blog. However, I can agree with Pew Research, it would to be hard to give up the internet or even my cell phone, because in this day of age, we can’t live or even breathe without technology, so it would be hard to image a world with out technology. But there was a time where people did not thrive on technology, they didn’t have the devices, software, digital media, television, social media, apps or email that we do today. Yet, I would have to agree for the last section that social media has built a relationship with others online because it has happened to me before. It was helpful to communicate with the person because I did not have their phone number but I did have this person on Facebook and we built a relationship. However, technology has grown and it is still growing and it is interesting to see what technology can become in 25 years from now. Can you image what it would be like…

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