Social Media: The Missing Child Hotline

Digital media continues to amaze me everyday.  I was listening to the radio and one of the broadcasters on the station was trying to get help for his daughter who ran away and was missing.  She is 16 years old and the man that she ran away with is 29…very sketchy.  The guy cancelled all his topics for the day and asked if people could help him find his daughter and to share that she was missing through all the social media accounts.  He didn’t ask for a follow or anything just to get the news out that his daughter was missing and every single piece of information he knew about her disappearance.  He had listeners calling in from all over wishing him well, sharing his posts on his social media and hoping that she would return home soon.  Just with this, the daughter was found the very next day.  Social media and the power of people sharing and posting on their social media pages found her.  I know we see a lot of this these days of people posting that children are missing on Facebook and other social media outlets and with the connection with others they are able to be found faster than when these kind of stories used to be put on the news.  It just amazes me what social media can do these days of not only being able to serve a purpose as keeping up to date on others daily lives but being able to save lives of anyone who might be missing or kidnapped.


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