Persuasive Media Platforms

Media plays a huge role in creating social roles because of the various media platforms available for adults and children. Television is the most persuasive form of media of all because of how many people watch TV. This is based on the family homes that own a TV, not including college student that binge watch Netflix. Now Films may be the second form of persuasive media platform because how many movies come each year.

As I was researching for the gender topic I found out that when a women sees a beauty, thin, and young women on TV, that women is prone to having insecurities but for men 23% are prone to have insecurities and the 87% of men do not care about the fit, strong, masculine man on TV. But most likely 87% of men will hit the gym the day after seeing the man on the media platform. This research caught me by surprise because it shows that men do have insecurities but don’t show it.

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