Online Journalism – Making that money~

No matter how much we all hate them, ads are going to be apart of our media experience. Even if you have and ad blocker and pay for the services, people will still do a little product placement somewhere. Regardless, they’re making their money somehow. Personally, ads do annoy me but surprisingly Instagram has really been on point with their ads in relevance to my preferences. Instead repeatedly showing ads for products and services I already use, they show me things that go well with what I already own which is really helpful and interesting. Plus I would imagine it’s somehow linked to the things I’ve already liked on Instagram.

Recently I’ve been getting more into UX design and even debated on taking the class that they offer here at Texas State. Sometimes people can look passed ads if the page is organizes effectively. I even started picking back up on HTML and CSS (Royal would be proud) just as a refresher.

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