Online Journalism in a Small Town

Digital media pretty much created a path for anyone to become a journalist online, but I can tell you that in my small town of Llano, Texas, still thrives on printed newspaper. The Llano News recent launched their online journalism about 2 years ago but it does not get viewed as often. The Llano News, till this day, still runs on printed newspaper and distributed to every company or business. Yet, they do have subscription for people who choose to have the newspaper delivered to their house everyday.

Yet, even though online journalism has not reached this small town, it does not mean that online journalism does not exist in this town. However, I found this blog by Mindy McAdams, explaining the difference of a small town vs a bigger city. She also explains how online journalism is different for each. She states that in a smaller town, you can experience bigger ideas rather than bigger cities and not even expressing your ideas at all.

Small towns and big ideas

Speaking as girl from a small town, I use to be one of those people who received their news from the local printed newspaper and never consider online journalism. Yet, now that I’m long gone from my small town, I now depend on online journalism everyday (exceptionally during the election!).

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