Nick Whitaker from Google News Lab

Nick Whitaker, Media Outreach Manager at Google, talked about strategies, trends and directions in data and information and how Google is using digital tools to help journalists and entrepreneurs change the future of media. One of the things he shared was VR Journalism that virtual reality is a totally new medium of telling stories in journalism as interfaces are changing the way people see things.

Listening to his talk on innovations at Google News Lab and virtual reality, I agreed with him that we are living in a unique moment in the history of news where there are millions of ways of storytelling. I think VR journalism can be a challenge and threat to traditional journalism because it breaks the old rules and totally changes the way we discover, report, distribute, and share the news with others.

This is something that we have never experienced and experimented before, so a lot of trials and errors will help us learn and discover this new way of reporting news by understanding both good sides and bad sides of virtual reality experience in reporting. So I would say VR journalism is a ‘good’ threat to traditional journalism because the core foundation of journalism, which is to seek the truth, will never change. It is the way how news is reported and shared is changing, not the core purpose or foundation of journalism.

As Nick said in his session, we should not place in one place forever, but should continuously adapt and change. And I think virtual reality, including 360 video, or visual storytelling will totally change the way we understand the world and interact with each other. I’m very excited about living in this unique moment in the history of news. 

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