Need for Speed!

Honestly, when it comes to media, efficiency and speed are more of what I look for in a browser. I, myself, am an iPhone user, so Safari, iPhone search, Yahoo and Google are easily accessible on my mobile device. I personally prefer to use Google because it was one of the few browsers in my early school years that many of my teachers insisted on using when we did research projects or homework assignments. It’s quick, easy to use and there aren’t millions of ads popping out at you once you click the button. It also narrows pages down to a search by using specific words which I feel Yahoo should probably reconsider and make it less overwhelming. Another thing that I use is Chrome. Internet Explorer (in the early to mid 2000s) was a browser that was widely used and is provided on most computers. But the slowness of it is what kills me! After having computers freeze over and over again due to the lagging of the browser, I switched to Chrome to make life and doing assignments easier. On my phone: Safari & Google are the major browsers for convenience and ¬†on my laptop, Chrome would take the cake for speed and being able to provide adequate information (without overload) and narrowing a list of searches down.

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