Mobile Media

I personally think that all media innovations were significant because each innovation aloud the next to be built upon.  I personally don’t think that we would have mobile media if it wasn’t for the printing press and Internet, although yes it was invented many many years ago, they are the building blocks of what technology we have now.  It is incredibly impressive that we have technology at the palm of our hands but during this time period that we live in, it is viewed as most consequential.  However back when the printing press or Internet was invented people of that specific time period must of thought the exact same thing.  They were presented with a new technological innovation and thought how amazing it was just like we were when mobile media was invented.  So I can’t really say that mobile media is the most consequential because with me being a millennial I would think yes but putting myself in the shoes of people who lived in past innovations they would think the same thing!

As for the second question, my opinion is still the same.  We would not have all these great innovations without building blocks.   Our world had to start somewhere and with each amazingly new innovation becomes the ground work of the next amazingly new innovation.  Currently we are fixated with mobile media but what will mobile media’s ground work lay for the next new innovation.  Will we have the same question for whatever that may be as the best innovation to ever be created in existence.  In my mind the cycle never stops because we will always have great inventors thinking of what the next best thing will be.  So yeah sure people may say mobile media is the most consequential innovation now but what after the next new innovation is created?

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