Mobile media and news

Mobile communication provides us an effective way to share information and people use mobile apps to read or engage in news. When it comes to news, I don’t really use news apps on my mobile to read news, especially long articles, because I easily get distracted concentrating reading the article. Since mobile use entertains me with a lot of things starting from messaging with my friends or talking on the phone to frequently looking at my busy daily schedule on the calendar, I can’t concentrate well when I read things that need my concentrations. Rather, I choose to read news from my own laptop because I can get away from my activities on the mobile phone and concentrate my work there.

Also, I thought about whether mobile media is the most consequential media innovation in history and I would say yes and no because new technologies keep emerging and there are new ways we can read, look at things, interact with other things such as virtual reality. Mobile media is the most innovative media today but it won’t be the same in the near future as more new innovative technologies emerge.

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