Meetup: #bossbabesatx

So for my meet up, I went to the last event for #bossbabesatx for 2016. “#bossbabesatx is a non-profit series of meet ups, events, festivals for all self-identifitying women in the creativity industry and the arts”, according to their website. I was excited to be able to attend this meet up because I had been wanting to attend one, but with the semester and work always being so crazy, I was never able to.

The meet up started off with some time to get to meet new people and network. It was pretty fun! They had a DJ playing some music and there were so many different people from different professions in attendance. Followed by that was some announcements. Fellow professionals from around Austin would announce creative projects they were working on, some informed us they will be looking for interns for next semester, some were asking for collaborations on their projects and so much more. Finally, Jane, one of the founders, honored some people from the community for all the amazing work they have done. They were called the Babes of the Year. Hearing all the achievements from these people was very inspiring and makes me want to work even harder. I can’t wait to be able to go to another one of these meet ups!

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