Meet Up Assignment – Mass Comm Week

mcmI have attended “The Decade in Digital” session where SJMC alumni talked about their jobs, professional experiences and digital careers during Mass Comm Week on October 27, 2016. This session was very practical and useful because each of the three alumni shared how they have lived during the ten years since they graduated from the program at Texas State University.

Dee Kapila, one of the speakers and who is head of Funsize, advised students that building and maintaining social networks is very important because networkings help us find the right path and careers in digital media. She emphasized that we need to listen to various voices and advice from many different people because it widens our perspectives.

Jordan Viator Slabaugh, Senior Vice President, Edelman, advised students to be curious about what is going on in the digital media industries and be active in knowing how the dynamics are changing today to be updated. Also, she asked students talk to smarter people than you because they give motivations and inspirations to learn more.

Asking them questions and listening to their advice and thoughtful insights encouraged me to move forward to exploring areas I like to do, such as research interests and topics.

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