Marshall McLuhan Theory…

Most of McLuhan’s theory I seem to agree with.  Communication and the way we communicate with others is an extension of us and who we are even if we aren’t communicating in person.  Everything that we communicate out there is a representation of us whether its a comment on a blog or picture that we are posting on some social media site.  Its a contribution that we are making in the world of digital media.  I thought McLuhan’s concept of hot and cold media is interesting because the “hot” media is something that we can’t touch, but in my opinion we get obsessed and sucked in with the hot media.  Most of this “hot” media we are influenced by, want to watch and have full access to most of the time (television, hulu, netflix, on demand, etc.  While the “cooler” media can be viewed as video games and animations so that we are capable and able to interact with.  It’s more hands on that we can have a small affect on. The radio can also in my opinion be looked at as a cooler media because essentially people can call in and request songs or can call in and talk about whatever topic maybe on discussion for the talk show or whatever it might be for that specific day.  Something that I think about though is will there ever be a day where all media will be “cool” as we are able to interact and be more hands on??

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