Making a Splash in Networking

I attended a forum about networking and making the connections. The guest speaker’s name was Justin (didn’t get the last name) and he currently works as a freelance writer for the Huffington Post and with Facebook in Austin, Texas. The keys to making yourself rememorable to other people is to be interested and be interesting. Most often people tend to network and talk about themselves without showing any interest in the people who they are talking to. That is a big mistake. Second, always ask open ended questions that creates a natural flowing conversation. Third, Understand what they like and how you can help them in whatever you are networking for. Fourth, be present but always be an active listener.

In the process of networking, we need to explore different fields and remain open and flexible in career options. When you are open, you allow yourself to learn new, developmental skills that will help you discover your own path. Always, when networking, act as if you are looking for a job and be persistent.

Networking with a Splash
Networking with a Splash


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