Little Birdy Tweets

Twitter is a social media platform for people to express their own feelings but Donald Trump has used Twitter as a way to communication all his harsh words and his feelings for everyone to know.

Yet, the article that I choose was an article of how Donald Trump told “lies” about how The New York Times was losing subscription because The New York Times was with Hilary Clinton. Even though twitter is a way to spread free speech but to spread lies is not the ‘fair use’ of social media. Yet, in reality the more Donald Trump did, the more subscription The New York Times would receive. Throughout the campaign and election Donald Trump tweeted his dislike towards the media and repeatedly express how unfair he was being treated by the media and he would tweet about how they were losing subscription because of the lies they were telling about him but that was not the case. News Outlets were receiving more subscription and gaining profit off of Donald Trump’s elections.

Yet, who was digital media ethical Donald Trump or News Outlets? In my opinion, people are going to news outlets to receive trustworthy information throughout the election so in reality the news outlets were digital media ethical because people would depend on them in the end to get all the information not based by someone’s hatred to get revenge.

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