Leaders of Technology

Reading about the people who created the major parts of technology was inspiring. All of these innovators had an idea and went with it. Some inventions blew up quickly, while others took some time to get going. These people believed in their ideas and trusted their ability to make things happen. I feel this is a huge part of life in general. It’s important to have the confidence in yourself because without it, one may never take the leap of faith required to achieve greatness.

With that being said, these incredible ideas reminded me of the book Outliers. If you haven’t read the book, it highlights stories of success and discusses how everything has to fall into place for these successes to transpire. In a sense, you have to be at the right place at the right time. Bill Gates’ story was featured in the book and it discussed how he was fortunate to have access to a computer at an early age and had opportunities that others did not. The way the two founders of Google met was a total coincidence, but it sparked something great. Mark Zuckerberg being the son of a dentist and attending Harvard allowed him to be around like minded people¬†allowing for the creation of Facebook.

I do believe the stars need to be aligned for magic to happen, but there’s no rule that says someone can’t create their own destiny.

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