Internet Time

Not only the nature of the changes shape the Internet, but also the high speed of technology developments impact how we exchange information or check facts. Speaking of checking facts, it was amazing to see how NPR fact checked the first presidential debate in real time this Monday.

During the debate, NPR offered real-time assessments on a live transcript of the debate while editors, reporters, researchers, and copy editors gathered together and individually approved and edited in Google document and published the information. Doing something like this scale never happened before. This is the transcript that was updated live as the debate proceeded.

Also, The Guardian’s Mobile Innovation Lab tested live commentary on the presidential debate in push alerts. Just like how NPR experimented in a big scale for the first time, The Guardian also experimented the real-time commentary for the first time which tested auto-updating interactive push alerts and saw whether real-time notifications were a good space for opinion on this kind of live event. Things that didn’t exist even last year are happening now and will continue to change how we interact and share information in a high speed that we never imagined! 

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