International Research Conference Meetup

The International Research Conference was a great insight about what fellow graduate students were doing in their research.  The conference opening panel was great at opening my eyes to what a graduate student would be getting into if you decide to go thesis track and furthering their own research.  They gave great advice about being passionate about your research and that once you get passed the thesis track and dissertations you are really able to research what you want!  Another point of advice they suggested was to make sure that you have great time management skills and to make sure that above everything else you make sure to keep yourself and your health number one.  I know as graduate students we feel overwhelmed at times and should really spread out our research time instead of it piling up like it always does.  Dr. Martinez said that if you don’t have good health than you can’t keep focused on your research so always make sure that you are taking the time you need to keep yourself healthy.  All professors gave great advice on how to start the research process such as getting published and funded, and that you just need to stay focused on the goal you set for your research.

On the second day of the conference I was able to sit in and listen to three studies that all involved some kind of social media which was very interesting to me because it seems that we are all captivated about what social media will do for mass media in the future.  Ideas about emoticons, instagram likes and viral advertising were brought up in these presentations and I thought all three were interesting and would very much like to see the results when their studies are finished!  It was enlightening to see and converse with other graduate students who are almost done with their research and on the verge of graduating so it gave me a glimpse of what I could be involved in for my future semesters!

I had the great pleasure in presenting in the conference for my group and I think it was an amazing experience to be able to present our research study and show our results to what we found.  The fun part was that it seemed like our audience was interested and intrigued by our study so it made it more fun to talk to them about it because most of them are mass communication majors also. We received a good amount of questions that were raised about our study! It definitely made me think about what they said and want to go back and research some more about the questions they asked about our study.  Overall the conference was enjoyable and exciting and I hope that I can attend next year also to see what other studies are being shown and what other topics my fellow graduates are researching! fullsizerender

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