Graduate Anxiety


Fortunately I was able to attend a few panels for Mass Comm week but my favorite was “Everybody’s Surfing Now: Digital Advertising and Social Media.” The panel members were recent graduates from Texas State within the last two years and they have just begun their careers in the field. Some of the other panels were made up of older graduate students who have been through many careers already.

My main takeaway from the panels that I attended is that no one really knows what they are doing in the field of Mass Comm. Whether it be professors, those who have just recently began their careers or those who have been in the field for ten years, no one knows exactly what they are doing or where this field is going. Modes of communication, advertising and journalism are evolving rapidly and it is difficult, or better, impossible to get ahead of the technological boom of our generation.

I think that more than a few of us in this graduate program have had anxiety about being prepared for the “real” world and a career. I learned that we have to be comfortable that we will not know everything and be open to learning new things constantly. We must be humble and never stop learning because that is what makes this field so exiting!!

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