Grad life as told by a cat…

img_5133Keeping with the theme, I am also contributing a photo of my pet to describe my grad experience. I do, however, feel that the dogs have been slightly overrepresented in the blog, so I am exploiting my cat to represent for all the felines out there struggling with grad studies. I speak for us all…we feel your pain!

This is my cat, Percy. He’s my therapy cat when times get tough and sometimes, my closest confidant. But I am also pretty certain he is my biggest hater, but that’s another story.

Overall, grad school can be described in three words: read, read, read. Then tell someone about what you read. Then write about your reading. Then read something else. Therefore, I have trained Percy to read some of my work. Don’t worry, mostly just the basic stuff. No unwanted pet labor here- please don’t report me. Kthanks.

Another important aspect of grad school is time management and work-life balance. It isn’t always easy to keep up, scheduling is complicated and prioritizing seems to be impossible when EVERYTHING is important. Sometimes you just need a margarita or glass of wine to celebrate or cope. But nothing is unmanageable. Just put your glasses on and keep reading.

Disclaimer: No pet was forced to work or allowed to consume alcohol while shooting for this post. Please don’t call the animal cops.

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