Google News Lab


Despite the sprinting and the sweat I collected today, I believe that the workout of the day was worth it. I enjoyed the presentation about Google News Lab. Nick Whitaker, talked about the google tools and how over time we adapted to social media. His advice was that there was no such thing as anxiety but rather excitement and we need to stay uncomfortable about the things we feel passionate about. ┬áHe explained that one of his strategies was that it was not the concept of Journalism but rather storytelling. He goes on to explain that storytelling is showing to the public, the story of what’s happening at the moment. Whitaker states that the Google News Lab are data based on trends and how users are searching something that helps journalist and entrepreneurs to change they we we look at technology; and journalist and entrepreneurs are make technology useful based on the data of trends and the information of Google searches. In overall, this presentation was worth getting off work early to really understand how technology is created and how it becomes useful and accessible for the public.

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