Election 2016: Here’s Why Design Matters

The article that I read about the election and digital media was about why design matters. Branding was a huge influencer in this campaign as well as the previous election. A candidates branding makes people feel a certain way. It was interesting to read about how the two candidates not only used similar methods as Obamas successful campaigns  but also how they were different.  Although the concept of branding during an election is the same, the way they do it and how its executed really matters. One thing that stuck out was that Trumps branding and what was shared on social media could be consider controverial or unprofessional, works via the internet when before the internet might have been a bad decision. The branding showed that he doesnt go by the traditional rules and it created that persona.

All of this leads me to wonder, if Hillary would have done more out of the box spontaneous posts, would it have helped boost her image. I think another difference is that I think people can relate to Trumps posts more than Hillarys , The Goodfellas film is a classic (My favorite movie of all time actually) and I think people are able to relate to that.


2 thoughts on “Election 2016: Here’s Why Design Matters”

  1. I feel like Trump’s outrageous posts on Twitter garnered him more attention than anything. The “Make America Great Again” slogan was simple but powerful in appealing to the conservatives who were tired of the “change” instigated by Obama. Personally, I was interested in seeing what crazy thing he would post next. Personally, I found Hillary’s social media campaigns as boring compared to Trumps.

    1. Yeah I definitely saw Hillary’s as come off as uninspiring, even if whatever she was addressing should be. I think with Social Media the way it is people are more and more needing to be entertained as they receive information and Hillary didn’t really present a lot of excitement. I think that if she would of made some more snide remarks about Trump, it might of come off as more exciting. But the most interesting thing is the issues largely played second fiddle to sensationalism of the election.

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