Bad Technology

Who knew that Langdon Winner would be correct of his theory of technology and how bad it could be in society.Technology in social media does have a “bad habit” of showing the ruthless things happening in America. For example, the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. I dare you to google Ferguson! Go ahead, I’ll give you a second… half of the sites would be the destruction of Ferguson and the bad things that were happening in Ferguson, right? There was so much destruction there but the media and technology just showed how the city was dividing itself because of the amount of  African American people protesting. While this was happening people we creating this racial diversity through out America. Just we did not know it yet. Technology creates a separation of racial diversity throughout America due to the news or technology of social media.  But technology, in social media, showed the destruction of the city of Ferguson and not really showing the city of what it could be, not how it was with all the protest. Therefore, we don’t focus on the real situation we focus on the city of racial profiling because of their community is filled with African Americans. Now that we see all these hashtags, we see diversity throughout the world and not equality in technology.

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