Conference Meet and Greet

The eighth international research conference was the very first conference that I have ever attended. I met new people as well as new professors. One of the professors I meet was Dr. Prisca Ngondo, she was a PR professor. She gave advice about how to be grad student and how that time was precise and it should be used wisely. Before our panel started she talked with me a little about her experience about a conference. Because I was a little nervous, she just talked about how her first time presenting she was nervous.

I also meet with at student, Janice Cho, her topic was about K-Pop music videos. Now if you asked me what K-Pop was, I would say, I had no clue but she explained that K-Pop was  Korea group band music and how they show their music videos.It looks like you will learn something new everyday! Show below is a picture of Janice Cho presenting her topic of K-Pop.


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