Algorithm Ethics

The last article on the reading for this week definitely got me thinking. To think that the algorithms of out social networking and internet usage is a big secret makes me wonder how this can be used against me. We’d like to think that our internet usage is honest and controlled by the user, but the information in this article leads me to believe that brainwashing can easily be done. As we talked about on our conference call I think we were mostly aware that newsfeeds are personalized based on the things that you search and the people you interact with, however the secrecy of the algorithm seems a little fishy.

In the article, it is discussed that even experienced coders would have a hard time figuring out exactly how the algorithm works. Being that the majority of people have little experience with coding, this alarming the privacy aspects. Again, we’d be fooling ourselves if we thought we had any privacy on social media platforms, but I would like to know that if I clicked on something it was under my total control. The article leads me to believe that there may be subliminal roles at play.

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