Aggregators and brand loyalty

The first reading this week hit on an interesting development in news that the web web has allowed for: aggregators that present web-searchers with a variety of content from which they can cherry-pick. The other readings did not touch on this as much, but it is an interesting subject that resonated with me in my relationship to the news.captures

I don’t have any legitimate brand loyalty when it comes to news. I mean, I like Slate and Salon, and Vox always has really fascinating articles but I rarely seek these sites out. The articles come to me from social feeds. If I’m dying to know about a topic I run a Google news search and read the headlines that are most provocative and most in line with my convictions. Why stick to one paper when I have what you can see in the image to your left?

I have often wondered over the past few years if there is business potential in news aggregation/curation services. Would you pay for someone who knows your interests, political leanings, how many opposing viewpoints you want to hear and other considerations to curate your news for you? To cobble together a customized newspaper of sorts? I might.

Anybody wanna start a business with me?

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