A Small Meet Up of 19,000 in Boston

Inbound 2016

This week is the largest gathering of inbound marketers across the globe. I have sat next to folks from India, Austraila, and the UK. Hubspot actually coined the term ‘inbound’ as it relates to how people find services and products. Rather than a sales person calling ‘out,’ potential customers are looking ‘in’ or searching for a product and THEN reaching out to the company for more information. ┬áHence the term inbound marketing. Outbound marketing is the disruptive, traditional marketing.

There are more than 300 individual sessions plus a bunch of keynotes from folks like Alec Baldwin, Anna Kendrick and of course the founders; Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah.

Two fascinating pieces of information to share! ┬áThe future of how digital media will respond to how we shop for services and products is evolving in a crazy way! Look at this slide from the keynote…whattt? I thought this was amazing….

inbound 2016

And one more thought about SEO that was presented. What does H.E.O really mean? Stay tuned!!!


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