A Shift in Advertising?

After attending the International Research Conference this semester I was lucky enough to sit in on an interesting presentation about viral advertising.  The whole study looked at the possibility of viral advertising taking over from traditional advertising.  She explained that since our generation is so infatuated with the internet and digital media that companies are now looking to produce their own commercials or videos and put them on some sort of site such as Youtube and set the video out there and wait for it to become viral.  With traditional advertising she mentioned that you have to pay people to produce the video, then pay for time on the air of whatever channels you want it to play on and then when it actually gets run on the air it’s only for that short amount of time and then you have to wait again for it to get played.  The main points that were made was that it was time efficient and cost effective.  I could see in the future more companies having in house advertising agencies and running the production of their advertising from inside the company and taking away the third party.

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