A Decade in Digital

I know this is from last week but I wanted to post something about it!!

I thought that this panel was really interesting…more than I thought it would be.  Being a graduate student who is not sure of what is going to happen next for me is a bit scary and makes me super unsure of where my life might go.  But this panel showed me that it’s okay to not know exactly what I want to do RIGHT NOW and that everything will be okay as long as I just go out and try and keep learning about everything that interests me.  I am a bit jealous that the panel graduated and had that “perfect timing” where everything was changing and no one really knew what this new digital media would be because in todays world we are surrounded by all this new media and it has existed for now 10 years.  It brought up an idea in my mind of when I graduate grad school will there be another opportunity like they did or will we be in the time period of waiting for a new wave of technology to roll in big time like they had when they graduated.  Super grateful for all the advice that they offered and took to heart about trying new and interesting things even if I think it might not be for me. AND now I’m dedicated to a full time job of looking for jobs as one of the panelist described, as she influenced me to get my foot in the door and eventually I will find something that I love to do.

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