A Decade in Digital…Where did the time go?

Listening to the panel in yesterday’s class, I realized that decade definitely goes fast. Some don’t even remember a time before Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Social media blew up across all platforms and the speakers definitely turned it to their advantage. I had been wanna to pick back up on HTML coding and now I’m tempted to add JavaScript to that as well.

A quote that Dee Kapila said that resonated with me was, “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

The notion of coding itself already makes me uncomfortable but as she said, I need to get comfortable and even try taking some classes that I wouldn’t normally take. I can attest to that considering randomly taking my first MC class with Grimes led to changing my major to mass comm entirely.

Every time I go to one of these panels, it never fails that someone there stresses the importance of connections. Aside from resumes and cover letters, connections really help getting your foot in the door and staying in the know.

Also I realized that I need to set an hour timer to research something “new” every now and then. That will add up over the next 10 years.

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