9/11 & Media

Since the anniversary has passed and I was only seven years old when it happened, I remember a lot about that day. Since I was fairly too young to understand the concept of media, I do remember seeing things like the images that were shown of what CNN looked like during the early 2000s. I do believe that day put a lot of pressure for people at small newspaper businesses. A lot of people thought they saw a second plane but wasn’t too sure and didn’t want to speak on it too soon, but if you watch video documentaries, I (as the viewer) could see the second plane hit.┬áTo be on time and current with the news as it happened was nearly impossible and from watching the documentaries and live recordings from camcorders or old news footages, I think in a way it gave birth to the era of why video documentation of an event is so important not only to keep people informed but to provide more accuracy of what occurs.

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