4Chan in Trouble Would you miss it? Are Old School Message Boards Sustainable?


As an internet user I really enjoy the internet of the old days where message boards were “social media” and simple platforms were as advanced as things got.  I was reading this article about a message board called 4Chan. It has a really unique following and almost no real monitoring of content and its in trouble. I think back to programs like mIRC or the Warez Boards and even though the way we communicate online has evolved heavily there are still many users using simple message boards which is kind of fascinating when you compare it to video chat, social networking sites and live broadcasting on skype. This website is home to some really notable pranks. My favorite one is when users voted to send rapper Pitbull to whatever state got the most votes, the users got together and all voted for Alaska where he probably performed for a handful of people LOL. I love that unity that these boards create. They seem more loyal to fellow users that are most likely strangers in my opinion.  Are these boards around for good? or will they eventually die out?  Thoughts?

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