‘Digital queasiness’ in D.C.

In the CBS interview with Marshall McLuhan, he envisioned a time when we would no longer have to drive downtown to offices to access filing cabinets filled with documents, contracts, and data. He envisioned being able to access these things from our own homes, foreshadowing the creation of online data storage.

It’s true that the Internet has made our lives monumentally easier. We can access information instantly on our laptops, tablets, or smartphones. At the same time, our “personal filing cabinet” is more vulnerable that it ever has been. Just this week, news broke that a Russian hacking organization released medical records for Olympic gymnast Simone Biles and tennis players Serena and Venus Williams. A Russian group is also thought to be responsible for leaking embarrassing emails written by former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Click here for a New York Times story describing how a “digital queasiness has settled heavily on the nation’s capital.” Anyone else feeling a little uneasy?


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