Week 2/20/17

1) Which is more important, function or design? Are they equal? Under what circumstances (for example, is one more important in a phone, another more important in a car or computer)?
 I believe that function is more important than design, at least at an 80/20 ration. Design is more for the brand, trademark and for visual appeal, but unless a product or piece of technology does its job and does it well, its design is worthless. I think function is more important in a phone and computer, for example, I hate the iPhone 7 because there is no earphone port. I think it is unnecessary to use an adapter to listen to my music and the price for the wireless earbuds is ridiculous. Sure, it’s thinner and can fit nicely in my wristlet purse, but I if I cant’t conveniently listen to my music then I’ll stick with my iPhone 6s. I also don’t care for the sleek, thin design of the MacBook Air because it doesn’t allow for a disc drive. As a former dance teacher, I NEEDED a disc drive, and also so I can enjoy my DVDs. With a car, I feel design and function are equal; yes, I want my car to get great gas mileage and have high safety ratings and durability, but if it looks like a senior citizen drives it then no thank you. The appearance of my car is just as important to me because it’s an expression of my style and personality, not just my means of transportation.
 2) Has design influenced a purchasing decision for you? Or is something high on your wish list because of design?
Design influences my purchasing decisions every time I shop, unless it’s for my phone or laptop where I pay a little more attention to function. For example, when I purchased my MacBook (8 years ago), I liked it 70% because of its fanciness and how it looked, and 30% because it was the most innovative laptop in the store (my dad clearly looked at function because the price was not a factor for him; it was for me #expensive). My apple watch that I recently got for my birthday was at the top of my wish list mostly because of how nice it looks. I NEVER WEAR WATCHES, yet I wanted the Apple one. I also factored in that it would be helpful to me in my future workplace and for when I leave my phone in another room (always happens), but truthfully, I just thought it looked super cool and I wanted to look super cool.

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