Tim Levy- strategic marketer

Tim Levy, Australian CEO of his own marketing agency is also a motivational speaker, television host, and author. Levy’s website says the reason behind strategic marketing is to create an ecosystem which will generate conversation around that business. Tim Levy and Associates work to create specific web content which will drive business on and off line. Additionally the Tim Levy and associates website has an archives section full of Levy’s past speeches. Levy’s early archived speeches actually are about an Australian making it in America and living out the “American Dream.” He also speaks about positioning oneself for success and various strategies for pursuingĀ an entrepreneurial life.


Questions for Tim Levy

What would you suggest to a student to do upon graduation for finding a job?

Why did you choose to move to the United States, could you have had as much business success in Australia?

When did you decide you were ready to be your own boss? Had you already worked in the industry before making that decision?

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