Tim Levy Background

Tim Levy is the CEO of the Tim Levy and Associates Strategic Marketing Agency.

Levy was raised in Australia and went to college at the University of New South Wales. Ever since Levy was a child he had been interested in technology, particularly with Apple, courtesy of his parents. Levy was also a lecturer for the computer science program at his university until he then received his degree. Eventually merging his interest in technology and communications led him to Silicone Valley where he became interested in animatronics.

Levy has been exposed to large tech and communication companies since his younger which has ultimately led the establishment of his own. His company already has ties with multinational companies and various CEO’s. Levy’s company offers a multitude of business marketing practices and has even written quite a few books including The Entrepreneurial Handbook.

Twitter: @tim_levy_writer

  • What communication skills are the most useful when expanding yourself globally?
  • How would your life had been different if you had been into communication from the start rather than tech?


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