Tim Levy & Assoc. Strategic Marketing Agency

Tim Levy, a native Aussie, is the founder and CEO of Tim Levy and Associates Strategic Marketing Agency, which he started in 1996.

Tim has always been intrigued with technology and grew up as an audience member of the CEO world. His dad ran Vistage, a company in Australia that organizes speaker-workshops in Australia, so he was used to being around a variety of CEOs. He was even asked my his father to be one of the featured speakers once, where he preached about the emergence of the Internet and how it was going to be the next big thing. Tim, who did his higher education at the University of New South Wales, has worked for Wave Length where he worked to weave together communication and did coding, and he worked in Silicon Valley working on CD ROMS and with production (he also has entertainment experience/background) as the Chief Operating Officer.

After his Silicon Valley experience, he moved backed to Australia and started his agency, which consults with top tier corporations like Roland DG corporation.

He still gives speeches/talks for Vistage, and he also revisited his entertainment interests by writing 4 children’s books, children’s albums and even stage shows.


My questions for Tim would be:

  1. What sets your marketing agency apart from others?
  2. What are some ways you have incorporated your entertainment business interests into your marketing agency?

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