Start Up Success

I found it interesting that according to Carrie Brown-Smith THE most vital part of a news start up is constant focus on the customer’s problems. She did not say it was about getting the details right, or getting the information out first, or even being dedicated to the business but dedicated to the people who this service actually for! With websites such as Yelp (which Anna apparently hates) or the ability to leave reviews on other sources and rant on personal media platforms pleasing your customer base and keeping them loyal and happy is what the business will thrive on. Listening to pod-casts and such I can see that they will openly do this by mentioning, “a lot of user comments said they wanted more of this so….” I just never pictured news and journalism start ups being held to the same standard, but I suppose to keep them coming back it is indeed vital for the consumer to be satisfied enough to want to come back.

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